Todo Tipo De Informaciones Para Ti Fri, 13 Jul 2018 05:32:11 +0000 es-ES hourly 1 32 32 Turn White Hair to Black Permanently in a Week Naturally Using Home Ingredients Fri, 13 Jul 2018 05:32:11 +0000 White hair is frustrating for anyone to bear with as it apparently makes anyone look older than what one really is. But that does not mean black hair has to be a real problem forever. It is not hard for you to get rid of your white hair and make it look its natural color again.

Many ideas can help you get your hair to look natural even when it becomes white. Best of all, these solutions are natural options that will keep your hair looking great and even do well if you naturally have black hair and want to get back to that color.

Many of these focus on things that you can apply to your hair. These are designed to settle into your hair and stick around long enough to create a comfortable feeling that you can enjoy having when washing. You will be impressed at how well your hair will look as you apply these options to it.

Wash With Gooseberries


Gooseberries are small fruits that are loosely related to ribes. These look like grapes, but they come with a series of little seeds in each of their bodies. These are attractive fruits that can be found in many organic groceries, but these are made to be more than just eaten. Gooseberries can also be used as a hair treatment solution to help you restore the natural appearance of your hair to get back to having a nice black look.

To use gooseberries, you would have to mix about two tablespoons of gooseberry paste or the juices that come from the berries with about two tablespoons of lemon juice. Massage it into your scalp and leave it in overnight. After this, use a natural herbal shampoo to wash off your hair.

When you do this twice a week, you will get your hair to look younger and more attractive. It comes as the antioxidants in gooseberries help to clear out excess toxins in your hair follicles. It promotes the development of healthier black hair instead of white hair.

Onion Juice to Turn White Hair to Black

onion juice

Onion juice is interesting for how it offers a strong scent, but it is more than just something your nose would notice instantly. Onion juice is also perfect for keeping premature graying from developing. You can massage onion juice onto your scalp before going to bed.

It allows the antioxidant powers of the onion to work in your scalp. It targets the old cells that have caused your follicles to wear out over time. It offers a good sense of support for your hair to keep it looking and feeling natural again. You should watch for how this juice can be utilized and that you use the organic liquid as it is easier to mix into your scalp and keep healthy without any irritation involved as you use it.

Black Tea to Turn Your Hair Black Naturally

black tea

Black tea can be used in your hair to darken old hair follicles. It creates a natural dye for the hair that overwhelms anything that causes it to become gray. To use black tea in your hair, mix about three to four teaspoons of black tea in water and boil. After allowing it to cool, wash your hair with the tea you have produced. It should be left for about fifteen minutes before washing it out.

This unique process for taking in tea is helpful as it not only darkens the hair but also restores circulation around the scalp. It allows blood to move well enough to allow the follicles to feel naturally restored. As a result, your hair will become darker in its appearance and healthier in its look.

How Can Black Sesame Seeds Help?

black sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are known for producing natural oils that restore smooth textures around one’s skin. One great way how sesame seeds work is by hydrating the scalp, thus keeping the hair that develops in the scalp healthier and stronger in its tone.

Sesame seeds also include omega-6 fatty acids that prevent your hair from prematurely aging. These fatty acids restore the texture of your hair as well.

Black sesame seeds especially do well as they are a little more potent than the more traditional ones you might typically find. To use black sesame seeds, grind them and mix with a healthy carrier oil. Gooseberry oil is a great option to use. Mix the two and apply to your scalp while leaving it in there for about thirty minutes. After washing correctly, clean off with water. It can be used every day for a few weeks to restore your hair’s natural appearance.

You also have the option to consume black sesame seeds daily by mixing it in with yogurt or cereal among other healthy foods in the morning. But using the seeds directly on your scalp is a more efficient solution although both options do work in their own ways.

A Carrot Juice Diet Works Too

carrot juice

All of these options for washing and treating your hair are useful, but it helps to control your diet to ensure it is sturdy and provides you with enough antioxidants to clear out toxins that cause white hair to develop. One idea to consider entails consuming carrot juice.

Carrots are famous for offering antioxidants and for restoring the natural feelings in your body. But carrots are also perfect for helping to improve your nervous system. As your nervous system becomes stronger, it is easier for blood to flow around the brain and scalp. This, in turn, triggers the development of healthy follicles. As a result, you will have more control over how well the hair grows as it becomes a little more natural in its feel.

Each of these options for taking care of your hair will help you to get the beautiful and brilliant black hair that you have been aiming to get. These will do well when used properly and are all safe to handle so give each of these treatment options a shot.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World Sat, 07 Jul 2018 07:02:57 +0000 All animals living on earth are beautiful. The diversity on our planet is practically endless with different sizes, shapes, characteristics and colours. Thanks to the beautiful animals living in all environments, the world is a more pleasant, mysterious and interesting place.

AnimalWised wanted to discover the 10 most beautiful animals in the world, and we’ve found them. This doesn’t mean others are not, but the following creatures stand out from the crowd. They are exotic and have an extraordinary kind of beauty.

Beauty is a broad and subjective term. If there is an animal that you think is one of the most beautiful but does not feature on the list, leave us a comment and we will take it into account for future articles.

1. Macaws

Macaws are exotic birds inhabiting the rainforests of South America. They belong to a family of birds called Psittacidae. Their beauty is due to the combination of bright colours in their plumage: bright yellow, crimson red, green grass, blue king and orange are the main colours. Many people have macaws as pets, and perhaps that’s why Ara araraunas are a species that must be taken care of in the natural environment.

Macaws are medium-sized birds but have large wings that attract lots of attention when they are spread. They are very social birds that love to walk in groups but they are the most beautiful in the air. It is fascinating to see a group of macaws flying. It looks like a drawing of a rainbow in the sky. They are definitely one of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world!

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 1. Macaws

2. White Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger is a symbol of grandeur and strength. Majestic in appearance, anyone in the presence of this creature will be left open-mouthed. It’s not surprising that the tiger was the animal chosen to be the main character in many Greek, Persian and Chinese mythologies.

The mystery and mystique in their looks mesmerises anybody looking at them. Due to their genetic mutations, some Bengal tigers are born white… which makes them even more beautiful!

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 2. White Bengal Tiger

3. Swan

The tale about the ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan is not entirely true, nor is it completely false. It is true that the swans are born beautiful white creatures, but, equally, when they are ducklings they are adorable and sweet looking.

As they grow and develop, swans become a totem of beauty and grace. Elegance and beauty are connotations that come to mind to most people when we observe a swan. They strike us with their beauty and they are clearly worthy of being among the most beautiful animals in the world.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 3. Swan

4. Albino peafowl

When I was looking for photos for this article of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world, it took me several minutes to choose the right one to represent the albino peacock. The white plumage that is white as snow and looks like a painting is very unique. This bird is a real supermodel, always posing, strutting their stuff and showing their beauty to all who pass before them.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 4. Albino peafowl

5. Dolphin

A dolphin’s beauty goes beyond its bright physical appearance. Humans have always been fans of dolphins and have enjoyed their presence for years. Dolphins symbolise joy, freedom and spontaneity in such a controlled world. When you see a dolphin or, even better, a group of dolphins swimming and surfing the waves, your mood improves instantly. Dolphins look like they are always smiling. They are mood-boosting creatures! And it’s all down to their delightful appearance.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 5. Dolphin

6. Mandarinfish

Electric, this is the mandarin fish, which seems to contain an internal light that makes it glow at all times. This fish is one of the most searched for creatures by underwater photographers so they can be captured on camera. Despite its own light, the mandarinfish is very shy and prefers to appear at night, when they go out to mate. Colloquially they are called Mandarin because they resemble the legendary Chinese dragons.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 6. Mandarinfish

7. Chameleon

Chameleons are the world’s most beautiful reptile. Imagine being able to change colour depending on the circumstances, to make yourself indistinguishable – or to show off! Chameleons can change colour because they have pigment cells in their skin called ‘chromatophores’ that allow them to blend in with the environment, changing tone every time they want to hide from a predator or dress up for courtship rituals.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 7. Chameleon

8. Friesian horse

Friesian horses are elegant and magnificent animals. Entirely one color, these impressive animals transport you to mythical and indomitable territories. Originating from the Netherlands, the Friesian is one of the oldest domestic horse breeds in the world. Their ancestor the ‘tarpan’ horse, who was wiped out in the 20th century by the excessive human hunting, is known as the wildest horse in history.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 8. Friesian horse

Source: Mark J Barret

9. Siberian husky

How can we not include a dog in this list? The Siberian husky takes the award for canine beauty. Elegant white and grey furred animals with piercing blue eyes, they never fail to catch our attention. Their image evokes protection, strength and magnetism. And snow!

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 9. Siberian husky

10. Glasswinged butterfly

The glasswinged butterfly, or scientifically known as ‘Greta Oto’ is one of the strangest and peculiar butterflies in the world. The textile of their wings is transparent except for the edge which is brown. This makes them appear to change color, depending on which setting they are in. They almost camouflage against their surroundings. This exceptional ability makes them blend in with the vegetation and distracts predators. Find out more fascinating facts about butterflies in our AnimalWised article.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World - 10. Glasswinged butterfly

We hope you enjoyed the article! If so, you may be interested in the 6 most powerful legendary creatures and the largest insects in the world.

If you want to read similar articles to The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World, we recommend you visit our Facts about the animal kingdom category.

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raro Sat, 07 Jul 2018 04:42:33 +0000 0 Los Mejores Videos Fri, 06 Jul 2018 18:42:10 +0000 Los perros y los bebés acostumbran a ser los seres más adorables y divertidos que internet prefiere para los vídeos virales. Y es que un niño y su mascota pueden darnos grandes momentazos juntos.

A continuación, recopilamos los cinco clips más populares de los últimos meses protagonizados por peludos y por los más pequeños de la casa.

1. Un bebé y su perro asaltan la nevera

Maverick es un bebé de apenas unos meses que tiene la suerte de contar con un gran compañero de aventuras: Leroy, el perro de la familia. Juntos logran asaltar la nevera y este vídeo grabado por los padres del pequeño muestra la gran complicidad que existe entre ellos.

2. El divertido juego entre un bebé y su peludo

Este vídeo es uno de los más tiernos que corren por la red y demuestra lo importantes que pueden llegar a ser las mascotas en el desarrollo físico y emocional de los más pequeños. En el clip vemos a un bebé subido en su saltador mientras el perro intenta cazar su sombra. A los pocos segundos, inician un divertido juego.

3. Un perro consigue decir “mamá” antes que el bebé

En este tercer vídeo se escucha a una madre animando a su pequeño a pronunciar “mamá” mientras le da de comer. A su lado, un perro pastor australiano comienza a ladrar mirando el plató de comida con deseo, hasta que cambia el ladrido por un sonido muy parecido a “mamá”.

4. La tierna pelea entre un perro y un bebé por la cama

El vídeo muestra al bebé descansando en la cama del perro, pero el animal no quiere compartirla. Aquí es cuando ambos comienzan una tierna ‘pelea’ por hacerse un hueco en el colchón.

5. El bebé y el cachorro más adorables de la red

Un bebé lo pasa en grande sentado en una cama jugando con un cachorrito de pug. La risa del niño es de los más contagiosa.

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Mom dumps her 1-year old baby in an abandoned house, 10 years later, she returns Tue, 05 Jun 2018 21:44:55 +0000 The Russian city of Yaroslavl has been associated with a number of terrible incidents. The city is remembered for a tragic plane crash which killed the entire coaching staff and players of the Lokomotiv Yaroslav professional ice hockey team.

However, the inhabitants of Yaroslavl will never forget the terrible event that took place there just over 10 years ago.

A little over 10 years ago, a neighbor heard a cry from a house in the Yaroslavl region, just outside Moscow. They ignored it to begin with but after a week decided to investigate the sounds coming from the derelict house.

To their horror they discovered a one-year-old baby girl huddled, scared and alone in the corner of one of the rooms. The child had been left there for a week by her mother without any food or water, and if the residents had not come to find her when they did, she would have most certainly died.

The little girl, Liza Verbitskaya, was immediately taken to hospital where doctors discovered that she had a fractured hip and was malnourished and dehydrated.

Liza had developmental problems stemming from her early trauma during her infancy. She could not chew food, she was extremely afraid of loud noises, and she was very slow to learn how to walk.

The idea was that Liza was to be taken to a orphanage and then put up for adoption after her stay at the hospital. But while she was still in the hospital, a woman called Inna Nika found her and immediately bonded with the needy child.

Inna was in the hospital day and night to watch over her sick son. One day she heard a scream from the hospital room next door and looked in to find Liza. From that day, Inna began to visit Liza every day. The woman always brought new clothes, food and toys to her.

One day when Inna was going to visit Liza, the little girl was gone.  Inna soon found out that the little girl was thought to be strong enough to leave the hospital so had been taken to a nearby orphanage. Inna already had two sons and she never thought about adoption. But that day when Liza left the hospital, Inna realized that she could not live without her.

“I asked for the address to the place where they had taken her and went there as soon as I could. I do not even remember how I got there,” says Inna.

The mother soon began the adoption process and after much paperwork, Liza was allowed to live with Inna and her family, where she was surrounded by love and happiness. 

Liza was not developing as quickly as other children; it was clear she had suffered as a baby but Inna was more determined than ever, she would make sure to give her little girl all the support and all the love, even through the dark times.

Inna decided to enter Liza in dance classes, hoping that the music could help and inspire her to develop both physically and mentally. And it worked. Thanks to the dance, combined with her adoptive mother’s love and care, Liza blossomed to be a healthy, happy child.

When she started school, no one could believe that it was the same girl who had been abandoned by her parents and left to die in a filthy abandoned home.

There was another issue, too. Liza was dark-skinned, a member of the Romani population of Russia. In the traditionally light-skinned region of Yaroslavl, this meant that she was bound to face severe prejudice for her appearance. Children teased her at school and she attracted a lot of attention when she went out.

But Liza did not care about the stares or hurtful words. “She is not ashamed of who she is. When she was little, I told her, ‘People will always stare at you – be prepared for it,’” says Inna.

Inna always told her daughter that she should never listen to cruel words. Today, Liza is a successful youngster winning talent and beauty contests and even works as a model.

Such a wonderful contrast to how her life began!

Because her model career and incredible journey made her into something of a celebrity in Russia, many saw her in the media, including her biological mother who wanted to see her again. But all requests were denied.

It’s a wonderful thing what love and care can do to transform a life that started with such horror. We hope Liza continues to live a happy and successful life.

Let’s share this amazing and inspiring story to spread some positivity.

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Cómo deshacerse del dolor abdominal inferior Wed, 30 May 2018 22:25:01 +0000 Las mujeres a menudo experimentan dolor en el abdomen bajo debido a sus períodos menstruales o menstruación. Pero el dolor abdominal no es sólo un problema de las mujeres, los hombres también experimentan este problema. El dolor abdominal más bajo es común y a menudo se remedia fácilmente. Pero si usted tiene tal dolor en una base regular, no lo tome a la ligera. Los problemas simples como tragar el exceso de aire, comer alimentos ricos en grasas que conducen a un retraso en el vaciamiento estomacal, intoxicación alimentaria e incluso estrés pueden causar un dolor abdominal más bajo. Pero ciertos problemas de salud también pueden causar este problema.

Algunas de las causas relacionadas con la salud incluyen estreñimiento, intolerancia a la lactosa o gluten, gastroenteritis, colitis, enfermedad por reflujo gastroesofágico (ERGE), obstrucción intestinal, gastroparesia, enfermedad de Crohn, diverticulitis, trastornos renales, apendicitis, hernia, gonorrea, cirrosis hepática y síndrome del intestino irritable, por nombrar algunos. En algunos casos, el dolor abdominal más bajo en mujeres se puede relacionar con el sistema reproductivo, incluyendo embarazo, embarazo ectópico, dolor menstrual, síndrome premenstrual (PMS), cáncer ovárico, quistes ováricos y enfermedad inflamatoria pélvica.

Como puede haber tantas razones detrás del dolor abdominal inferior, es muy recomendable consultar a su médico para averiguar la causa exacta del problema. Sin embargo, para los casos leves, usted puede utilizar algunos remedios caseros y cambios del estilo de vida para ver la mejora en su condición. Aquí están las 10 maneras superiores de librarse del dolor abdominal más bajo.

1. calor Si tiene dolor en el abdomen bajo debido a PMS o menstruación, trate de aplicar calor en el área afectada. La aplicación de calor ayuda a reducir el dolor relajando los músculos de la contracción en el útero. • Coloque una almohadilla calefactora sobre la parte inferior del abdomen. Hágalo hasta que se sienta más cómodo. Alternativamente, empape una toalla en agua, exprima el exceso de agua y luego caliente en el microondas durante 1 minuto. Colóquelo en el abdomen inferior hasta que la toalla se enfríe. Repita cada minuto hasta que el dolor se haya ido. Incluso tomar una ducha caliente puede ser eficaz.

2. manzanilla Una taza calmante de té de manzanilla puede proporcionar alivio del dolor abdominal inferior. La hierba es rica en propiedades antiinflamatorias y antiespasmódicas que ayudan a relajar el útero y aliviar las contracciones espasmódicas que causan dolor durante la menstruación. La manzanilla es también un buen remedio para la enfermedad del divertículos que causa dolor en el abdomen más bajo. 1. Añada de 2 a 3 cucharaditas de flores de manzanilla secas a una taza de agua caliente. 2. Cubra y deje que se escarpada durante 5 minutos. 3. cuele y mezcle en 1 cucharadita de miel. 4. beba hasta 3 tazas de té de manzanilla diariamente. PRECAUCIÓN: no tome manzanilla si está embarazada o tomando píldoras anticonceptivas o medicamentos para adelgazar la sangre.

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Tenía muchas manchas en su rostro pero las eliminó con la receta que su tía le dio Wed, 30 May 2018 20:40:35 +0000 Las mujeres árabes son conocidas por su perfecta piel impecable, pero muy pocos conoces cual es su secreto y hoy te lo revelaremos.

Su secreto es un jabón natural casero que puede eliminar las manchas faciales en poco menos de una semana, así como el uso de un velo que protege su piel de los efectos nocivos de los rayos del sol.

Los factores como los rayos del sol, la edad y el acné puede causar manchas oscuras y manchas en la cara como el paño, los cuales son muy desagradables estéticamente y pueden afectar realmente el autoestima de una persona. A continuación, Receta árabe para eliminar las manchas en la piel:


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Porque NO debes BESAR tu BEBE en la BOCA. Wed, 30 May 2018 16:40:00 +0000 Un beso es la mejor forma de mostrarle afecto a nuestros bebés! Pero siempre ha existido un debate sobre si se debe o no dar besos en la boca a nuestros niños. Muchas madres e inclusive padres suelen darle besos en la boca a sus hijos, pequeños roses de labios, haciendo de este un acto muy tierno.

Pero lo que no saben es que este pequeño detalle tan insignificante, puede repercutir de forma negativa en el niño o niña. La realidad es que la mayoría de los profesionales de la salud NO recomiendan que se les den besos en la boca a los bebés. Algunas de las razones por la cual no podemos hacerlo son:

Recuerda que con frecuencia nos mojamos los labios para lubricarlos. Al darle besos en la boca a los bebes, no solo le estamos mostrando nuestro afecto sino que le pasamos todas nuestras bacterias de nuestra boca.
El pequeño, es poco higiénico. Con las gotitas de saliva, se pueden transmitir muchas infecciones, desde la gripe a
la mononucleosis. beso en la boca a un niño

Hay que recordar que la cavidad oral de un adulto contiene bacterias que pueden causar enfermedades en las encías.
Pueden confundirse e imitarlo con otras personas como amigos de la escuela.

Desde el punto de vista psicológico, , porque el contacto con los labios les recuerda momento del
pecho de la madres. el beso en la boca le puede gustar al bebé En estos últimos tiempos es algo bastante común ver esta muestra de afecto de los padre/madre a sus hijos el beso en la boca, pero bien hay muchos otros formas de demostrar afecto en las cuales no ponemos en riesgo la salud de nuestros hijos y es importante marcar límites para dejar claro que estos actos están reservados para las parejas, sólo mamá y papá pueden demostrar su cariño de esa manera.

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Aprende a sanar por siempre el hígado graso y dejarlo como nuevo con un solo vaso de esta receta. Wed, 30 May 2018 14:55:40 +0000 La grasa en el hígado es la acumulación de ácidos grasos y triglicéridos en las células hepáticas, producidas por el alto consumo de alcohol, ya que el hígado no puede eliminar las grasas adquiridas al tomar estas bebidas.

Esta conducta puede llegar a provocar cirrosis, por lo que es recomendable dejar de bebe y desintoxicar el cuerpo de estas grasas

Este órgano es vital para nuestro cuerpo, neutraliza y destruye las toxinas, es un filtro que ayuda a depura la sangre.

Una persona que no consume alcohol también puede padecer de la enfermedad del hígado graso no alcohólico, ya que su hígado no está filtrando bien las toxinas de los alimentos que consumimos.

Si quieres saber cuáles son los síntomas y como tratarlos sigue leyendo.


Dolor abdominal
Pérdida de peso
Pérdida de apetito
Pesadez o hinchazón
Pérdida de memoria
Dificultad para concentrarse.
Alimentos que nos ayudan a mejorar el funcionamiento del hígado

Acelga: limpia y rejuvenece el hígado. Su alto contenido de fibra elimina el estreñimiento.
Alcachofa: ayuda a regenerar el hígado a través de la sustancia Cinarina que aumenta el flujo de bilis.
Para logar estos puedes hacer una infusión. Toma 100 g de hojas y tallos de alcachofa por cada litro de agua. Beber 3 veces al día.

Jengibre: contiene antioxidante protectores del hígado y ayuda a reducir los triglicéridos. Haga un té de jengibre y tome media hora antes de las comidas.
Rábanos: descongestiona y desintoxica el hígado. Lo puedes consumir en ensaladas o tomar un vaso diario de jugo.
Limón de Persia: purifica el hígado, reduce la grasa corporal. Para lograr eso necesita licuar un limón con concha y todo con 100ml de agua, cuele y beba esto en ayudas por dos semanas seguidas.
Con estos alimentos ayudará a su hígado a depurarse y tendrá una mejor salud por mucho más tiempo.

Le recordamos no beber alcohol y acudir al medico si tiene los síntomas que antes mencionamos. Complemente la buena alimentación con el tratamiento que le mande el especialista.

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El Cuerpo Te Envía 8 Señales Cuando Estas A Punto De Sufrir Un Derrame Cerebral (ACV) ¡Míralos Todos Y Mantente Alerta! Wed, 30 May 2018 14:02:21 +0000 Un accidente cerebrovascular es originado por una presión arterial elevada o llevar una vida realmente agitada. Este ictus puede presentarse de dos maneras, mediante un infarto cerebral en el cual disminuye la cantidad de sangre y oxigenación. Por otro lado, está el derrame en el cerebro, el cual sucede por una ruptura en cualquiera de los vasos cerebrales. Antes de que esto suceda, el cuerpo suele enviar algunas señales que nos indican que algo no anda bien.

Uno de los primeros síntomas es la fatiga prolongada

El cerebro presenta una gran dificultad para manejar al cuerpo como corresponde, es entonces cuando la fatiga y el cansancio comienzan a aparecer. Quizás este síntoma puede confundirse con otros padecimientos, por eso siempre será recomendable visitar al médico en cuanto se note algún cambio en nuestro estado anímico y físico.

Dolor en los hombros

Esta señal es más conocida como síndrome de dolor regional total, es una sensación de presión y dolor en la zona de los hombros que no se alivia con facilidad. Suele ser confundido con el estrés y por eso no se le toma demasiada atención al principio, así que mantente alerta.

Parálisis corporal

A medida que el problema avanza, el cerebro tiene menos control del cuerpo y este empieza a perder movilidad. Es común que la parálisis se presente en el lado opuesto del daño cerebral y afecta la cara, una extremidad y en casos severos, la mitad del cuerpo.

Problemas graves en el sistema cognitivo

En principio se padece de una visión muy borrosa, luego se torna más grave, teniendo serios problemas para identificar personas y objetos. A medida que pasa el tiempo, se pierde total o parcialmente la visión hasta que finalmente ocurre el ictus.

Déficit en la fuerza de las extremidades inferiores

La extremidad inferior se verá afectada dependiendo del lado en el que se presente el daño cerebral, por lo general la pierna se debilita de manera súbita y no hay una manera rápida de contrarrestar el problema.

Rigidez en la zona del cuello y hombros

Es una imposibilidad de movimiento en el cuello y de hecho es el síntoma más común de los infartos y derrames cerebrovasculares. Una vez que se presenta esta señal, se tiene poco tiempo para actuar y combatir el accidente cerebral.

Dolores de cabeza prolongados

Se presenta antes y durante el accidente cerebrovascular, es tan agudo que causa un nivel de desesperación en el individuo hasta el momento en que el ocurre el ictus. La presión y dolor pueden eliminar temporalmente la vista y el oído.

Presión arterial elevada

Es el motivo principal por el cual se presenta este accidente. Por eso es tan importante que se regule la presión arterial y que se conozcan los niveles del cuerpo para tomar cartas en el asunto y evitar estas situaciones.

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